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Turns out the about page is one of the most read pages on a website. Who knew ! My career as a photographer started even before I knew. I used to take home videos of my friends and I wakeboarding and skiing up at the dam and then download them onto my computer with cables and devices, edit them together and produce short movies. I figured it was just a hobby. When I was old enough I saved up enough money to buy a small point and shoot digital camera which I would take everywhere with me. Which of course i'd download the images , load up some editing software and tweak the images for hours ( this was in the days before instagram and all the wonderful instant filter apps we have today) In the meanwhile a friend of mine had started up an agency representing sportsman to the tv commercial industry and by some chance he send me off to a casting and I booked the job. The TV Commercial work piqued my interest in acting which motivated me to take some classes which eventually led me to a 6 week summer program at the William Esper Studio in New York. While in NYC I started walking around the city taking pictures etc... and so my interest in photography started to grow. On returning to Cape Town I knew I needed to support myself while waiting for Acting / TV commercial work so I figured that I could make some money taking photos instead of tending bar. Initially I was concerned that turning my hobby  of photography into a way to make money would kill the passion. That was in 2010... needless to say it did the opposite. Im continually learning and trying to improve and feel that Im only just scratching the surface. 

Back to the story. I started off taking photos of families, babies and weddings. Anything and everything. One day someone actually said the words to me " Will you take my Headshots ?" At the time I had been learning flash photography and said " Sure why not lets do some studio portraits " After the shoot I looked back through some of my images and realised I had already done headshots for some of my actor friends. So I posted an ad on Facebook you know just to see if anyone else would be interested...

Looking forward to working with you 


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